Sunshine Too Brief


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I'm a self-absorbed Bengali-Torontonian;
Fish comes to me raw, wrappend in seaweed, not cooked in curry;
I love watching thunderstorms and rain;
Sad endings make more sense to me than happy ones;
I hate empty walls.

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Craving of the week-
Dark Chocolate
Reading List-
Midnight's Children
Movie review(out of 5)-
127 hours- *****
Buried- ****
That Girl in Yellow Boots- **
Love of the week-
Seeing James Franco
Aim for the weekend-
Watch 'Going Postal' The Movie

My Novella: Samosa for the Arranged Souls

Introduction & Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapters 3, 4 & 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 continues

Chapter 7 & Epilogue

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    Yes: March 1st-7th

    First week down.
    Things I have said yes to so far-

    - Going to a Bob McFarrin concert without any idea who that is. Ever heard..
    Don't Worry Be Happy
    Google says thats his song. How cool!
    Result: His March 27th show turned out to be sold out. But atleast now I know one more singer than I did before. Everybody with me now.."Don't worry (nod head) Be Happy"

    -Thursday was West Queen West Art + Design Walk, a free tour organized by this group and the agenda was...
    "Discover art, architecture, and the secret spots and neighbourhood gems only a knowledgeable local could show you."
    Result: It was really cool, surprisingly. Thanks H for the invite! We saw some 'interesting' contemporary 'art'. I've put art in quotations because gluing the pages of old paperbacks and lining them up on a shelf is hardly art in my books. But then, thats contemporary art for you- you never get it until someone explains it to you. Apparently in this case it represented the struggle that the artist, a Korean import, faced while moving to Canada with not being able to read books in English. Together now- "um right'. Still, there were many cute stores that we surfed through, got a bit of history lesson+complimentary beer from Green Shag (who make quirky cuff lings) Some stores that I'm definitely coming back to, like 'Type bookstore'   and 'Magic Pony', ...many more that we walked by. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera along. So, had to wait till I got home.
    Are you ready for it?
    I went to WestQueenWest and all I bought  back(for my brother) is
    Yep! a mobile Sumo Wrestler. 
    creeepyy...and totally something my brother will find hilarious.Hopefully.
    I forget sometimes that he's 20yrs old ! 

    Thankfully we missed a contemporary dance performance at one of the galleries and ended the night with some complimentary Argentinian Yerba Mate tea , courtesy of the friendly people at El Almacen Yerba Mate Cafe. The (lightly caffeinated, vitamin enriched) tea is drunk from a gourd pot  like this- 
    Cute eh?

    - Lastly, a YES for 'Avatar' not winning best picture or director at the Oscars last night. I know it was a question or suggestion....but thats what I blurted out while watching the show at Drake. I havn't seen 'Hurt Locker' but the fact that  'Avatar' (which I've seen) didn't win best picture, made the best moment in the otherwise  'dull-unfunny' Oscars that we had this year. 


    In light of the semi-success of my february project, I have decided that for 2010 I will have monthly resolutions instead of the yearly. Meaning, I have another self-awareness project for March. I took a page out of my friend H's 2010 resolution for this.
    Are you ready?

    For the month of March, I will say Yes.

    To anything and everything.*

    This include suggestions, questions, propositions, invitations, actions, name it....and I'll say 'yes' to it.  There will be weekly reports on here about the varied things I have said "yes" to and if/what effect it had on me.

    So friends, family members, blog followers- hit me with your best and weirdest suggestions.
    Sky is the not the limit. 

    *Exceptions are things that could be physically or emotionally harmful to others or to me, situations that could lead to a reconciliation between my sister and I, and actions that are beyond me financially.