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I'm a self-absorbed Bengali-Torontonian;
Fish comes to me raw, wrappend in seaweed, not cooked in curry;
I love watching thunderstorms and rain;
Sad endings make more sense to me than happy ones;
I hate empty walls.

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Dark Chocolate
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Midnight's Children
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127 hours- *****
Buried- ****
That Girl in Yellow Boots- **
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Seeing James Franco
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Watch 'Going Postal' The Movie

My Novella: Samosa for the Arranged Souls

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Chapter 2

Chapters 3, 4 & 5

Chapter 6

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    The Photojournal project

    Okay people, since I like the layout of wordperss better for pictures, I've set up separate blog for the February Photo Journal project.
    Check it out starting Feb 1st.
    Go on. Be ruthless in your comments.
    Tell me I suck.
    You know you want to.


    Defibrillation (part 2)

    Defibrillation (part 2):- Where a 26 year old me drops by the apartment, finds me laying around on the sofa watching an episode of Big Bang Theory for the third time and decides to act like my mother and get me off it.
    Essentially annoy the hell out of me.

    Tazzy from 2005: Wake up wake up! Its Twenty Ten! Start of a new decade!
    Tazzy now: Who gives a F*** ?
    Tazzy from 2005- My God! Sulky much?
    Tazzy now: No. Bored, uninspired, sad, angry, fatalist maybe. But not sulky.
    Tazzy from 2005: Is that why you haven't put up any 'New Years Resolution' post on this blog like you do every year? Remember when you did it the first time?
    Tazzy now: I didn't do it every year. Wait, I did.
    Tazzy from 2005: Yes, You've been doing that for half a decade. You can't stop now.
    Tazzy now: Seriously? Half a decade? Gawd I'm lamer than I thought.
    Tazzy from 2005: Its not lame. It gets you doing stuff and keeps you sane. And lamer is not a word. I thought your writing would improve by now.
    Tazzy now: Why would you think that? I have no talent. You knew that.
    Tazzy from 2005: Oh stop being such a whiny baby. Think of some resolutions and put it up.
    Tazzy now: I don't want to.
    Tazzy from 2005: Yes you do. Now quick, before it hits February.
    Tazzy now: Why? Who cares if its February?
    Tazzy from 2005: I do. You always get more down in Jan and Feb. Moping around the place, staying in, avoiding people, acting all depressed when you know its all SAD.
    Tazzy now:*muttering under her breath* Do you have a point? Or are you here just to yell at me.
    Tazzy from 2005: Oh I know what your resolution can be. You can find a way to make the rest of winter more bearable. Get a project for that time. It'll keep you busy and you'll learn something. Like when you took up French, then salsa dancing or the gym.
    Tazzy now: I don't want to do any of them. And I do have a project already. I am making a wall hanging using the first Saree my dad bought me.
    Tazzy from 2005: Yeah? How is that going? Done yet?
    Tazzy now: Well I have the pieces and the bamboo stick its supposed to go on. I just have to cut out the loops and stitch it.
    Tazzy from 2005: So you have done nothing. Why are you even doing it? You hate stitching. Find something else. Look at this blog - She's so creative and fun. Making her own sunshine.
    Tazzy now: I am not crafty like her!
    Tazzy from 2005: Well true. But remember a week ago? When you couldn't find any of your bookmarks or any nice ones in the store and you made a bunch of your own bookmarks using old greeting cards, construction paper and string?
    Tazzy now: Thats hardly a project, Ms Wise ass. Plus I don't need anymore bookmarks.
    Tazzy from 2005: But didn't it make you feel better? Doing something? Instead of watching TV/movie on the computer until your eyes hurt or you fell asleep?
    Tazzy now: Yes. It did.
    Tazzy from 2005: There you go. You could do something that's a bit more ongoing. Something you could do every day. Something you'd actually like. And, to be honest. Those bookmarks are not half bad. Have you shown them to anyone?
    Tazzy now: Why would I do that? What is this? Facebook? Take a picture of every lame thing and post it so people can say 'cute' ? What am I? 26?
    Tazzy from 2005: Pictures! OMG you could take pictures!
    Tazzy now: What are you talkinga about?
    Tazzy from 2005: Take pictures. One every day for the month of February and post it on here. Like a photo journal of things that you like about February.
    Tazzy now: You might be onto something there. I love my new camera and I like photo editing. Plus I barely take pictures anymore ever since I've gotten all fat and ugly. Oh gawd. Maybe I should make 'being thinner' my resolution.
    Tazzy from 2005: Please. Thats so cliche.
    Tazzy now: And a photo journal isn't? Its 2010, loser. Everyone has one.
    Tazzy from 2005: Touche. But you don't. Come on, it'll be fun. Try and make it creative. Don't go taking pictures of your morning coffee everyday.
    Tazzy now: Hey! I like my morning coffee routine, sitting by my big windows,Tusch curled up near my feet, looking out to the city that I love.
    Tazzy from 2005: City? They are building a freaking condo across the street. You can't make those construction cranes look interesting in pictures.
    Tazzy now: You wanna bet? Feb 1st- first creative picture from my window of the construction cranes.
    Tazzy from 2005: You are ON!

    *Tazzy from 2005 walking away grinning to herself, "I'm so gullible"*


    Avatar Fail

    I had no intention of seeing this movie in the first place in the theatre. The special effects can't match a highly predictable storyline that was pretty much all revealed in the trailer. I mean at least '2012' wasn't taking itself seriously, while Avatar thinks its being revolutionary by exploring the 'white man's guilt'. Clearly its not.

    And now I'm definitely not watching it for free online after reading this! I'm still sure it'll break some box office records by the sheer force of people who want to be in the 'loop'. I mean sure it might have ground breaking special effects, but wouldn't you rather see it play out in a movie that has a watchable story?