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I'm a self-absorbed Bengali-Torontonian;
Fish comes to me raw, wrappend in seaweed, not cooked in curry;
I love watching thunderstorms and rain;
Sad endings make more sense to me than happy ones;
I hate empty walls.

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Dark Chocolate
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Midnight's Children
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127 hours- *****
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Seeing James Franco
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Watch 'Going Postal' The Movie

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    What in the name of all things sane is going on here?

    Beginning of the month they talk about pulling out of West Bank, citing major improvements in the peace process with the new Palestinian leader and NOW they say "they have 'understandings' with the U.S. permitting them to continue construction in built-up settlements in the West Bank to link an existing settlement in East Jerusalem".

    If there is still some logic in this world, or even GOD, can the US government/Pro-peace Jewish activists/speakers by the office coolers be stricken with massive heavenly thunderbolts, next time they talk about how the 'its the militant groups who are harming the EFFING road map to EFFING peace' ?
    Its things like these that must make moderate Arabs get up start looking for pipes and bits of thread.

    Why the pretense? Just say "We don't want EFFING peace or even Palestinian people's right to exist" and be done with it! Just say it. That'll save everyone the a lot of peaceful logical discussions about the 'Mid-east issue' in the future.


    Is golf a sport?
    There was brief but animated discussion about this at work the other day with the wandering 'annoying graduate student' of the day.
    Argument of the sane (everyone but the student) was that playing golf doesn't require one to be athletic. It doesn't involve heavy lifting (caddy does it and really if you are a caddy you are not 'playing golf') or running (most intense is a fast stroll out of the sand and you 'drive' to the next hole) or any particular gymnastic skill either. Sure with golf you are required to focus and concentrate and there is a minor swing motion of the uppper arm involved, so does chess. You don't see chess players or watchers of a game of chess (on TV even) froth at the mouth with declarations of "chess IS a sport".
    Why different for golf?
    Conclusion: Golf a game, not a sport.
    Speaking of 'games on TV', the other day was flipping through the 500 or so channels my parents have on their satellite and stopped at a live broadcast of Poker. Yes Poker.
    What the hell is going on here? Okay sports is not a daily (or yearly) activity of this blogger... but I had to wonder who in their right mind (other than drinkers of shampoo maybe) watches Poker on TV?
    But if its on TV, someone out there must be watching Poker players sitting poker faced while *cue drum rolls* cards were laid out on a posh green table.
    Oh the excitement. The drama. The anticipation.
    Its those damn golfers I tell you. They started this. If Tiger Woods wasn't so cute he would have had some major explaning to do. I might have even gotten him down at the lab doing VO2 measurements(no its not something dirty nor does it involve Woods without his pants...maybe just his shirt :) ) to test his fitness level ......but I back to poker/chess/golf/pool .....
    I get where might be exciting and kind of fun to actually play these games but watch it? On TV?
    Okay so there seems to be no end to what constitutes a 'prime time program' these days (24 hours of one man shooting down a country of terrorists anyone?) and the other options, i.e. reality TV (Who wants to divorce this desparate housewife who just had an extreme makeover and has turned into a self absorbed bitch from hell?) are not great, but shouldn't there be a line somewhere as to what gets considered as sport and is on TV?
    So what IS valid sport on TV you ask?
    A Kabadi match between the cast of 'Sex and the City' and 'Seinfield' !
    Think how much fun its going to be to watch Samantha tackle Kramer down!
    hmm wonder if I should patent that idea :)


    Rolling over in my own (future) grave

    I like fruits.
    Correction, I love fruits.
    Update, I used to hate them before.
    There was a time in the near past (till last week), I would have much rather laid around in a field of brocolli than fork in a slice of honeydew/apple/pears/your nasty non-tropical fruit of choice.
    Not anymore.

    Why is it of such importance to be entitled an entire post?
    Well, I'm starting to get at little scare all of this hating something at one stage of your life and loving it later business. Petrified even.
    Already I'm favourable to pink attire, eggplants, blond men, getting dressed up, html got me wondering-
    Fruit today, what tomorrow?
    Fish curry? (now that I actually hv the option of saying no I dont want to eat fish curry to my mother, I hate fish curry)
    Arranged marraiges? (enough said)
    Black talking, black writing non-black ppl? (if i see one more 'dat' on public forums I'm going to scream)
    Sanjay Dutt? (*shudders*)
    Blond highlights in black hair? (its ugly)
    Wraps?(its a shape issue)
    Ponchos? (uglier than blond highlights in black hair)

    Is there any point in voicing your opinion, loudly, against something only to fall into its trap down the road?
    Should I, now, start relaxing my facial/vocal muscles and respond with it 'Its okay' to everything?


    And now for something completely different....

    On this very merry occasion of Tazzy falling sick for the third time in one season, I pose this very important question to my dear readers-
    Should one be worried if one has a swelling in her neck and no visible puncture marks?
    Should one be ready with silver-laden garlic slices?

    Speaking of creatures of the night, heard this one? Enzymes from vampire bats are soon to be used as clotbusters(blood thinners) for stroke patients as they have a larger window of 9 hours as opposed to the regular TPAs which must be administered within 3 hours(no more) to prevent brain damage.
    What does this prove? That
    - You can learn something useful in the world of blogs
    - I do pay attention at meetings
    - You know some SOB will take it further and declare the docs are turning good people into vampires
    - I'm delirious and you should stop reading right now and hit 'next blog'.

    True friends, dedicated voyeur lend me your shoulders.
    Honestly, whatever happened to good old fashioned parents?
    Ofcourse I don't want to be fussed over, but go to a party instead of coming to visit your child with replenishments for the fridge?! where's the love in that?
    Though after three days of fever I must say I have gained a new taste for simple things like 'fried hotdogs with ketchup' and week- old- Coke.
    I have also learned you can't teach a cat to bring water. He is only good for staring at you cute and snuggling up. Atleast I could use the warmth.

    Speaking of warmth, I think the people above me are having crazy sex. The whole building has been shaking for the past hour. Sure they could be throwing furniture around and THEN have crazy sex on them....but my mind wanders. Its amazing how easy it is to pull yourself down with a few minutes before sleep knocks you keep thinking of distant friends, relatives, enemies having a life out in the sun and wonder if you should leave them a note just in case ...
    Yes, enough dramatics for a night won't you say?

    Good Night.
    Love you all........not the enemies. I'm not divine after all.


    This day

    Its snowing.
    Its mucky.
    Its cold.
    But did anyone else notice that the snowflakes in the afternoon were shaped like five petal flowers?
    Pretty cool.
    If only I had this at hand to take a picture.

    Joke of the Day (courtasy of Xiaxue;, funniest blogger, if only I knew how to pronounce xiaxue!) that cheered me up:
    "Oh fuck. Twice a day. He is coming over again. I have the worst job in the world!" lamented the toothbrush.
    "Shut up," said the toilet paper.

    Can't complain about my day of looking at brains all day long now can I ?

    Countdown begins

    OMG OMG OMG only 63more days!!!!!

    plz plz plz let it not be a let down!

    Is Marvin supposed to be this cute? Beeblebrox - where is t he other head and extra arms ?!! :S Wouldn't Zack Braff been a better Arthur Dent ? :) ....*sigh* Zack Braff..

    ...ok found my optimism again.....back to the countdown-
    This will be ninth version of the "Guide". It previously appeared as a radio series, a record album, a novel, a television series, a computer game, a stage show, a comic book and a towel. For the record- the tv series SUCKED. First proposal for a movie version was in 1982! Clearly a lot of expectations here.

    For those not understanding any of this, obviously your life has been meaningless until now if you hvn't read "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" .

    But its not complete waste. There is still time.



    UPDATE: THIS blogger is happy to report that the release date is now April 29th!...clearly this is not news to some but a cause for celebration nonetheless :D