Sunshine Too Brief


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I'm a self-absorbed Bengali-Torontonian;
Fish comes to me raw, wrappend in seaweed, not cooked in curry;
I love watching thunderstorms and rain;
Sad endings make more sense to me than happy ones;
I hate empty walls.

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Dark Chocolate
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Midnight's Children
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127 hours- *****
Buried- ****
That Girl in Yellow Boots- **
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Seeing James Franco
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Watch 'Going Postal' The Movie

My Novella: Samosa for the Arranged Souls

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Chapter 2

Chapters 3, 4 & 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 continues

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    10 'Awesome' things

    In light of this book coming out soon, I wanted to come up with my list of 10 awesome things that cheer up a bad day instantly. For me, in no particular order, would be it.

    10. Getting caught in the rain: Not the chilly showers or light drizzles..but the summer downpour that floods the sidewalks, letting you wade in  wearing your flip-flops. You come home all drenched but not chilled to the bone. Bonus if the rain continues and you are now sitting inside all warm listening to sound of rain.  Love!

    9. First sip of coffee of the day: Its now a ritual for me and pretty much makes the day.  I find that even if its take out coffee, I have to find a quiet spot to sit down, take a moment, breathe in that wonderful aroma, imagining the semi sweet taste of it before I take a small cautious sip. Bliss.

    8. Hanging your hand out of the window of a car and doing the wave thing: Letting the air lift and push your hands and pretend  you are flying.  So much better when you are at the back seat of the car with windows that go down all the way!

    7. Dangling your feet in water:  Clearly I'm attached to water. I love the soothing feeling when you drop your bare, aching feet into some cool, waiting water from edge of the dock, side of the boat, pool or a sandy beach.

    6. Walking around enjoying an ice-cream cone on a summer day:  A cup will not do. It has to be on a waffle cone :)
    5. When babies get all comfy and rest their head on your shoulder, ready for a nap: And just like that you know that you've made it. You've made this tiny person trust you to take care of them. Not to mention its prime spot to take in all the wonderful baby smell.

    4: Hearing an old favourite song on the radio: Like an old Madonna song, Ace of Base or George Micheal. Did I just age myself there?  Never mind. Basically songs that you loved as a pre-teen/teen and know all the words to. Probably danced to in your room with the door locked, pretending you were in that music video. No one? Fine. Keep denying ;)

    3. Just out of the dryer sheets: They smell so soft and warm to touch. Perfect to roll around in. Clearly my cat thinks the same too.

    2. Funny Gchat conversations with friends when we could have easily picked up the phone: You know the kind. Where you have your Gchat open at work or when you are clearly running late for something at home and should close the chat, just then your friends decide to share something hilarious and you are far too caught up in the impromptu conversation+ trying not to giggle out loud(that would be a work).

    1. Signing  your name on a foggy window: Its like a compulsion. No fogged up windows are safe from my hands. I have to sign my name and then draw a smiley face for added benefit.  There doesn't seem to be any support group for this. Oh well. I guess you'll have to drive away with my name on your car!