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I'm a self-absorbed Bengali-Torontonian;
Fish comes to me raw, wrappend in seaweed, not cooked in curry;
I love watching thunderstorms and rain;
Sad endings make more sense to me than happy ones;
I hate empty walls.

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    The Edge for Bridget?

    I wouldn't say they have gone and ruined Bridget with the sequel, but have definitely managed to give it an new level of ridiculousness.

    Sure there were a lot of cute and funny scenes.....some smouldering looks and shots of our man-of-the-hour Mr Darcy aka Colin Firth. The scene with Bridget pretending to know how to Ski was too funny....with a hilarious 'stuck in the ski chairs' take. Definitely can relate to that one- my friend had to push me off as I refused to jump. (Though I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a pink parka and pink wool cap like her)
    Yes, they took broad liberties with the story, the 'Persuation' link unfortunately cropped; but somehow this Bridget was even sillier and not in a good way either. Ofcourse they repeated the 'fight', if you can call that, scene- looked very staged this time around. Though it did get Darcy wet ;) mm.
    And then there was the ending. A shot of Bridget and Mark walking in the snow by a church cemetary of all places, a backdrop of a very painted looking purple sunset, birds flying in the horizon etc.......and voice of Bridget "Remember happiness is still possible even if you are 33 and have ass the size of two bowling balls"
    Excuse me but that was far too contrieved and not to mention conceited for my pallate!

    Speaking of endings, can someone please tell me what is up with all this 'chasing' around in EVERY freaking romantic comedy? Its quite tiresome.
    Think of any of the romantic movies (guys read chick flick) from the last decade, you'll notice that the last 5 minutes will invariably consist of either the guy or the girl chasing the other on foot/taxi/bike/horse/bus/plane/car/donkey (okay I made up the last one) make a surprise/long drawn out confessions ......'o I love you', hug, kiss...etc.
    Yes its all very dramatic and romantic, maybe for the first 10 times........but come on now! Every freaking movie? Be a little inventive for fucks sake! Even if there is a last minute realization on the character's part, dont end the movie with the 'chase'......and no not with a 'wedding scene' either......and definitely not a 'dashing out of one's wedding to chase one's lover' business!
    Gawd and people accuse 'Bollywood movies of being filled with clich├ęs'!

    Maybe I'm just too jaded to be lulled by romantic comedy's anymore.
    Nah....for the first Bridge movie I like the movie version better than the book.......definitely not the case here. 3 stars.
    *sigh* Mark Darcy is still the Man-I-want though :)


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