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Sad endings make more sense to me than happy ones;
I hate empty walls.

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    Update on the trip

    Well the trip was great and thankfully the forecasters were mostly wrong.

    We (Sadiya, her sister and I) started from the Rockies which were ...well big....very humbling, pretty and somewhat hidden behind the massive clouds and fog.
    The 2500km drive was...educational to say the least...the altitude, the racing game style bends in the road, the rain, the clogged ears, the trucks, the passing of trucks at 120kmh all made driving exciting.
    On the way, we must have seen a hundred waterfalls of various proportions, half a dozen glaciers, few dozen lakes and rivers of many colours, a million trees, a dozen deer and elks, a few threatening looking mountain goats, one eagle and zero bears.

    Pitstops were
    -Revelstroke: a cute city, where we had bland seafood pasta with great garlic bread. We got woken up with gun shots at night(sadiya ready to fling the lamp)... which turned out to be exploding batteries in my charger. They kept exploding for the rest of the night too even after we threw them out the door.
    -Banff(very touristy) but we stayed the night at Canmore (known as a total hick town, but it had a pizza place!)
    -Jasper, at a run down hostel comprising of 36 bunk beds in one room and zero entertainment in the so called 'city'. We resorted to playing scrabble and bollywood style dancing in the forest to keep ourselves entertained for two whole days.
    -Lake Louise had a beautiful hostel though. The best food we had in all of Alberta was at the resturant owned by the hostel. spicy baked salmon-yum!
    -Finally back to rainy Vancouver where we stayed two nights at the worst hostel- it had rats. Thankfully we moved to a good hotel with the essentials(a coffee machine in the room, hair dryer and TV) after two days. Yes, as it turns out I'm not THAT outdoorsy.

    Best activity was the white water rafting in Jasper! Just too much fun.
    The 1hour hike of Tunnel Mountain in Banff was exhilirating as well. I could almost touch the peaks I was that high. Looking forward to trying both of those again soon.
    Whale watching in Victoria island should hv been our high point, but the rain combined with a full bladder from the having jugs full of water with the 'hottest and best Thai food in the planet'(Siam, 512 Fort St, Victoria) for lunch made the 3 hour trip quite painful. We also had to stop to 'help' these IDIOTS who were out fishing on the sea with no gas in their boat, thus stretching our trip to 4 hours.
    We did see fourty five killer whales playing all around our Zodiac raft though!
    Then we had one sunny day in Vancouver when we took a trip to Granville island- a treat with all the artsy galleries/workshops of glass, housewares and unique jewellary which just made me realize how badly I need to get rich to afford it all.

    Best thing about Vancouver had to be the sushi! IT WAS TO DIE FOR and DEAD CHEAP. I was in sushi heaven. *sigh*.

    All in all, it was worth it and now glad to be back in sunny Toronto :D
    Pictures would be added to the 'Travel pictures' as they get loaded and oriented.


    At 2:37 p.m., May 26, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    sounds like u had a ton of fun! :D welcome back! get rich soon so u can buy me stuff as well! :)

    At 5:45 p.m., May 26, 2005, Blogger Bdeshini said...

    I still remember the maple-glazed salmon I had in Vancouver, simply the best I have ever had.

    At 11:10 a.m., June 01, 2005, Blogger Anokhi said...

    hehehe....looks like u had time to post an update. You forgot the day we spent in stanley park (we had 2 sunny days in vancouver). and I give u props for putting up with me when I get irritated :P (which is pretty easily)

    I'm back in TO for the month. Moved my stuff into my new place in hamilton...still have to set it all up though.

    At 10:41 a.m., June 05, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    anokhi: oh not at all. you were allowed ;) since you did the bulk of the driving.

    congrats on the new place and convocation!



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