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    Its not my fault that I feel like screaming sometimes...

    If I have to hear it one more time from the next Pakistani-Canadian person I run into, I swear I'm gonna hit someone... with a Hilsha fish maybe .
    "Oh are you from Bangladesh?" Immediately followed by " You must know Urdu."
    Err....Excuse me? How is that even a logical question?!
    Depending on my mood, I usually reply with a forced confused look
    "No, I know Hindi. Is it the same?" or
    smiling ever so sweetly "No. Do you know Bangla?" .
    You could ignore the person if it ended there , but no; he/she has to add "Why not?" or worse "You must hate it how India made Bangladesh separate from Pakistan. Bangladesh would have been prosperous like us if we 'brothers' stayed together".

    Shock and awe.
    How can seemingly educated and logical people originating from that country STILL know so little about the events of 1971?!
    I mean they can't even claim the 'media blanket' as a reason for cluelessness(where the West Pakistan media failed to report on what was happening in Dhaka in 1971, on purpose) , like their parent's generation. All they have to do is 'Google' the words - Bangladesh war, 1971 or even East Pakistan- and voila! You have facts. YES FACTS! Not conspiracy theories of how India instigated the Bangalis to revolt or that 'only a few people died' (try 300,000 by your government's count you morons) in combat ; but actual sequence of events. And they don't even have to go the seemingly Bangladeshi sites.

    Had it not been for some close Pakistani friends of mine and one book (Kartography by Kamila Shamsie), I would have continued thinking that everyone from there must be utterly blind and stupid, not unlike the American public that they are so fond of criticizing.
    Its not like I'm unwilling to let the past be past or am against unity among the South-Asian people but I'm sick of the ignorance of these people about their own (past) government 's involvement in the planned mass genocide of their own people. How can you possible learn lessons from the past if you don't even know the past?

    But hey, the Bengalis are not better eh? If the people from West Pakistan are mistaken in giving all the credit of the 1971 war to India, the liberated Bangladeshi people, I will accuse, of not giving enough credit to India, specifically the Indian army. Even today, there are fears of 'selling the country to India' or 'India taking over Bangladesh' among the equally educated and logical Bengali people instead of endorsing in building even the smallest monument to acknowledge the Indian soldiers who died then- not defending their own country but helping another. We are not even going to mention all the underground 'West-Bengalis' (Bengali people living in India) who helped train the 'guerilla forces' to fight before India got involved. And as for the 'looking for India's motive to help Bangladesh in 1971', people just need to chill out. If it wanted, India would have 'taken over' Bangladesh AGES ago instead of turning it into its major black market exporter country (or what ever the technical term might be). India has its own blood smeard past (and current) issues to deal with before taking in Bangladesh.

    Final thoughts: Considering world politics is not that dissimilar to school playground politics, I don't think its that childish to ask for the three current leaders to meet sometime and shake hands while
    - Pakistan says 'Sorry' to Bangladesh
    - Bangladesh says 'Thanks' to India
    - and India says 'Peace, man' to Pakistan
    ......maybe then we'd stop hearing stupid comments from stupid people.
    Or not.


    At 8:49 p.m., July 12, 2005, Blogger Simika said...

    hahahah dude - this totally reminded me of Meadowvale -when i got into argument with that fat chick - rem her "oh look at where we are, and look at where you bangladeshis are" - geez. i was SO bloody mad!!! but yeha the do u know bangla line works a little - but then they say the stupidest thing about how more people know urdu than bangla - idiots = bangla is the 4th most spoken language! Although the one thing that pisses me off is that most bangalis WILL start speaking in urdu/hindi with south asians.

    At 2:05 a.m., July 13, 2005, Blogger Abedin C said...

    Unfortunately, its a systemic problem with Pakistan. Given that India is the devil incarnate, and it helped in Bangladesh's creation, Independence necessarily becomes a bad thing.

    Even today, you'll see them clinging to claims, often based on distortions of the truth at best. For an example check out: - and the posts after it.

    At 6:00 a.m., August 19, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Being a West bengali in ur terms whose grandparents hail from whats now Bangladesh I related a lot to ur post. I think while this India bashing goes on the other side of border we indian bengalis by large still feel a brotherly affection.
    I realized the way how other people saw it when I first travelled to US. I agree with Simika about starting to speak in hindi... will try bengali next time ;-)

    At 2:26 a.m., December 04, 2005, Blogger Nayef said...

    Hey.. nice write-up...
    its good to see other bangladeshis having a similar sentiment...
    and I totally agree with u abt the speaking in urdu bit... it pisses me off too.. I know hindi/urdu.. but i usually refrain from speaking it 99% of the time.
    the rest 1% usually comes when i'm trying to use them to my advantage.. haha

    keep writing!

    At 10:34 a.m., March 01, 2006, Blogger Salam Dhaka said...

    Next time they ask you if you know Urdu - say yes I do and then speak in Bangla. I did that to a freind and he is like "That's not Urdu, its bangla" - I said I am glad to know you understand bangla!!!


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