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I'm a self-absorbed Bengali-Torontonian;
Fish comes to me raw, wrappend in seaweed, not cooked in curry;
I love watching thunderstorms and rain;
Sad endings make more sense to me than happy ones;
I hate empty walls.

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    The problem within

    Finally, something proactive by the morderate Muslims in Canada as they get together to strongly denounce extremism.

    Maybe the Muslim leaders are realizing that the war waged by the fundamentalist Muslims is not only against the West, its against all morderate muslims and that it IS a Muslim Problem.
    Meaning its time the Muslim communties all over the world and not only in US, take a hard look at how and where the terrorism is arising from in the 'niche of unique cultural identity' that they have created by thinking all Western views and values are wrong and unIslamic.

    Its just not enough to say 'killing innocent people is wrong' when the innocent are killed in the name of your God and the perpetrators are claiming to belong to your faith.
    As the saying goes, there is never a fire without smoke. The Muslim leaders know where the smoke is coming from, they need to douse it out. Any mosque where extremist teachings are presented even on a theoretical level using the excuse of the happenings in Palestine and Iraq, those Imams must be expelled. Wahabism (the monachical teachings propogated by the leaders in Saudi Arabia) must stopped along with this idea that any moderations to the Islam is wrong. Just as Islam adapted a little when it reached the South-Asian countries like Bangladesh, it too must adapt itself to the West, something that was already starting I think with the scholars in the West who encouraged cross-faith discussions to draw on their similarities .

    'War on Terror' might a fancy media invention that immediately puts the face of 'G. Bush and his political agenda' in our minds (Muslim and non-Muslims alike), but that doesn't make it unreal. If you keep track the occurances in South Asia you'll notice that the terror started there even before the Sept 9/11 occured in NY. I draw your attention to the attacks on Shia mosques and Shia processons in Pakistan that has only been increasing in frequencey and the suicide bomb attacks on the Bengali New year's cultural celebrations on April 14 2001 in Bangladesh. There has been subsequent bombing in both of these Muslim countries where Islam was used as an excuse.

    Extremist and purist thinkings had started a war for some time now.
    The leaders cannot wait till the next teenager in the West, even Canada (which is on the list) decides that killing himself and others in the name of God will glorify him, they must talk now and stop pointing finger at the West and Israel for all their problems.


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