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I'm a self-absorbed Bengali-Torontonian;
Fish comes to me raw, wrappend in seaweed, not cooked in curry;
I love watching thunderstorms and rain;
Sad endings make more sense to me than happy ones;
I hate empty walls.

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    Virus alert

    Warning to men: Read at own risk.

    Listen up singletons.
    Frustrated with dating Mr Wrong?
    Wondering whats wrong? if its you? the guy? your shoes/perfume/the salad you ordered at the first date? or the City you are at?
    There seems to a virus abound.

    The virus is named EFS- emotional fukcwittage syndrome.
    and its affecting males from the age of 18-33.

    Symptoms include
    -a tendency to be overtly dramatic and intense on the first date when flowery proses sprout from lips unabashedly
    - then being all impassive on the second date but continuing to make plans for future dates
    - beginning the conversation along the lines of 'I like you....but I don't know....*cough cough* you see there is this girl I liked when I was like 15....and we are all wrong/she was horrible to me ....but I still love her....etc you think I did the right thing...erm....what do you want ' on the third date
    - then playing dead (i.e. not returning calls) or writing confusing emails/leaving errant messages or proceeding to pick an argument all the while making you feel guilty for winning it
    - finally ending it in the famous 'lets be friends' line, the message behind which is that he knows he is being an as*hol* but he rather you not say it to his face or to your friends in case he wants to date any one of them

    Not a symptom
    -Honesty or common courtesy to say ' its not working out. sorry. all the best eh?'.

    Like all viral infections, prevention is better than cure. To avoid encounters with infected people
    -Never go on date with a guy whose only description you received from friends prior to the date is that ' he seems nice'. Hello! Serial killers are nice too. Find out something more concrete.
    -Internet dating seems to be the better way these days than the bar scene*shudder*, but beware of messages with obvious spelling/grammatical errors, too many exclamation marks(anything more than three can generally be taken as a sign of an insane mind), repeat proclamations of 'having a sense of humor' (hint- if he has any, he wouldn't need to type it out) and an attached picture that's atleast a decade old.

    But despite taking these precautions you might still come into contact with an infected person(with a dormant virus maybe), in which case your treatment options are to
    -stop all analysis of 'what he meant' with your girlfriends
    -accept that he is an 'emotional fukcer' that's all
    -delete all messages ever received as well as phone numbers
    -never ever respond to the cries of 'lets be friends' with a chirpy 'sure'
    -if possible, start dating his neighbour or better his boss

    So, be careful and may the dating pixies be with you (nothing like blue annoying flying buggers to keep things in perspective).


    At 3:53 p.m., July 06, 2005, Blogger Qeta said...

    Oh dear! I'm sorry if you came across a specimen infected with said virus. We should totally go to a bar tonight and get wasted on margaritas, especially since I'm technically a singleton for the week. I promise to hold your hair while you're puking! (Just kidding!)

    Congratulations on becoming an aunt! Your little nephew is adorable. (Sorry about being so late to comment ... just moved and have no access to internet at home just yet.)

    At 3:59 p.m., July 06, 2005, Blogger Tazzy said...

    lol lol. thanks...but its not me...regardless, your plan has merit..only lets make it martinis ;) chocolate ones maybe. gotto be good.

    Thanks hon.
    Congrats to you too!
    Hope you moved to some place nice ;)
    gawd i remember the time when i first moved and didn't hv connection for two whole weeks...don't know how i survived :P

    At 5:46 p.m., July 06, 2005, Blogger Qeta said...

    Ah ... then my condolences to whoever the unfortunate soul may be. Mmm ... chocolate martinis! Unfortunately though I suspect I'll be at the Harbourfront tonight watching the Princess Bride (if I can stop moping around missing people long enough).

    Thank you muchly! I need all the ego inflating comments I can get after being all achey from assembling Ikea furniture for a whole evening (and yes, I quite like my new place ... I'll be posting some pictures as soon as I get my internet situation sorted out).

    At 11:18 p.m., July 06, 2005, Blogger Anokhi said...


    I know exactly what you mean! ;)

    Although I have one thing to add. It can be fun being their "friend" fact, it can be down right amusing!

    Poor little souls. I think the virus fries what little functioning brain cells they have...and you do know, all of these above are manifestation of one thing: a true, shaking in your boots phobia of committment!!!


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