Sunshine Too Brief


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I'm a self-absorbed Bengali-Torontonian;
Fish comes to me raw, wrappend in seaweed, not cooked in curry;
I love watching thunderstorms and rain;
Sad endings make more sense to me than happy ones;
I hate empty walls.

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    How to survive 5 hours on the beach on your own

    Labour Day at the Kitsilano beach (Pictures not my own)

    Packed :
    1 Bathing suit
    Pair of skorts
    2 Towels
    2 Books - one fluff and one that I've been meaning to finish for a while
    Pair of sunglasses
    Lip gloss
    Cute summer top

    12:00 pm
    Get the head phones on and start walking. Man, people love to garden around here. This one red flower looks like 'Shimul' tree in Dhaka.

    12:15 pm
    Hello ! Stalker kitten that hisses and follows around to make sure I'm out of its territory! Wonder what's Tusch doing.

    12: 17 pm
    Wonder just how pricy it would be to rent one of the rooms at the townhouses with balconies overlooking the ocean. Wonder if the owner is male and single. Wonder if he is at the beach waiting for me to walk by- the girl of his dreams whom he must take home for some tea.

    I'm a shallow person. True love. Repeat to yourself, damnit. True love.

    Great. Did all the G-string wearing babes of the neighbourhood decide to sunbathe today? Wheres that darn hat to cover puffy face? Should have worn the long skirt to cover flabby thighs.

    I have better boobs.

    This is the life. Fresh salty smell of air. Wonderful breeze that takes the heat of the sun. Sound of the waves. Sand in my toes. Gorgeous boys playing volleyball. 'Staying at Daisy's' is turning out pretty good too.

    Its quite nice sitting on the blanket leaning against the logs. What a great idea!

    Why would anyone choose to wear dockers to the beach? Shit, he's walking this way. Great, now I have to be friendly.

    Yey. Drove off creepy french guy with gold bracelets. No I don't know when the sunset is. Yes its a nice beach. No I don't know that aprartment at Yonge and Steels. You have been here how long? Ofcourse I have a boyfriend who took me sightseeing around other beaches- now go away.

    Hmm who knew sitting on sand for long can hurt your bum? Wonder if the restuarant by the beach sells anything interesting. Feel like an iced cuppacino. Shit. Forgot. No Timmy's.

    Score! Special of the day- $1 Nacho and cheese :D Love labour day!

    Sitting and munching on nachos while reading , under the umbrells on a proper chair at the patio by the beach beats sitting under the sun on the sand by the beach 6 to 4. Sometimes distance from nature is not bad.

    Ocean's not too cold for wading in, but definitely not inviting enough to swim in with all the seaweed floating around. hmm. I love watching wet sand getting washed back by the waves. Only if I had a head for poetry.

    Going for a swim in the warm salt water pool by the beach is about the same as swimming in the ocean no? I still have the same air and the same view of the mountains flaoting on my back. I must be a water child- I kind of forget the mountains are there half the time.

    Aparently 'Do not swim after a meal' is not just a old-wife's tale. Oh well I guess I just sunbathe to a crispy grey tan- just thinking about mother's face is cracking me up.

    I miss everyone.

    Hungry again. Its kinda nice walking around in wet bathing suit and skorts. Everyone is doing it! How fit are these people? Maybe I should pick up roller blading.

    Did I just inhale the all of the oily Fish and Chips?!
    Well. Atleast I didn't have pop with it. I'm on vacation damnit.

    Book was nice- I love happy endings at the moment. Its good to sit on the patio for an hour without getting kicked out for not buying anything else. Wonder if I should stay for the sunset.

    Shite, CD player's out of batteries. Oh well guess sunsets have to wait.

    Must repeat Next weekend...only that time make friends.


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