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    The post where Tazzy obsesses about a TV show (again)

    Didn't think it was possible to catch up on 5 seasons of a TV show in the course of two months, but yep, I did it. All 103 episodes of it. Online streaming.

    "Lost" was THAT good.

    It is not just an incredibly scripted storyline that is easy to get obsessed about. It also epitomises popular archetypes and real-world issues that are more tangible than a 'love triangle. Yes, I do realise that all this makes me sound like all the millions of sci fi Battlestar Gallactica fans who say nutty things like "its just not about space travel", but I don't care. Its smart, action packed, mysterious, angst filled, scary, puzzling, sad and ofcourse has all the 'romance stuff'...packed packed in just the right amount. The storyline does get madcap right around the fifths season with ancient gods travelling through time, just to buy a 8 year old a 'New Kids On the Block' lunchbox so she doesn't steal it. But the thing that keeps it all afloat that the creators are very aware of how madcap it all sounds and and are having so much fun doing it because they are as equally obsessed with the show as its viewers.

    I don't think the creators of Lost intend it to be this way, but one of my favourite 'lesson' of the show has to be
    - just how many times we can be wrong about a gut feeling of 'This was meant to be!'.
    I seriously never noticed how often we think (or may be just me) like that.

    Locke thinking that "crashing on the Island, finding the hatch, pushing the button , the Island choosing him to lead the Others ...all of it were meant to be" and repeatedly being knocked over the head with "No! you dolt, you were wrong" signs might be fantastic fiction but none of us have to crash a plane on a time travelling island to do that. Seeing the same person around the city twice in the same month could have us scratching our heads and thinking we are fated to be married under the stars when the person might be the Mad Hatter!
    The incredible part is that just like the rest of us, Locke and all the Oceanic people just pick them selves up and forge ahead with the next harebrained plan, no matter how many times their 'gut feeling' just kicks them in the shin.
    How can you resist watching it?

    January 2010 could not come sooner!

    PS: Lost also has the most kickass Time Travel theory that I've ever seen in fiction!
    PPS: Did I mention the insanely hot, shirtless testosterone loaded bodies in the show that are running in and out of the water, dashing throug the jungle, contemplating getting rescued and growing a scuffy but kinda hot beard? Consider yourself warned. The women are just as equally hot..but not shirtless ofcourse...just the right amount of tanktop/bikini tops over jeans combo to keep the guys interested.
    PPPS: AAh "Jack, how misunderstood and beautiful you are"


    At 10:42 a.m., July 23, 2009, Blogger Sim said...

    * I couldnt' resist starting Season 4, and now i'm friggin hooked again! Seriosuly, how DO they come up with all these twists? I'm watching the episode where Michael is back again! WTF? :D

    * NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK is mentioned on this show!?? What!?

    * SAWYER all the WAY! I adore him

    * Jack? What an ass! oh so that's where jackass comes from!!!! :D

    At 11:22 a.m., July 23, 2009, Blogger Tazzy said...

    hahhhah yes wait and see till you see the fifth season with its mother of all twists!
    Season 4 somehow was my favourite actually.

    >* Jack? What an ass! oh so that's where jackass comes from!!!! :D
    Oh its ON biatch!

    Yes yes go on and pine over Sawyer, mayor of hicksville who gets a pregnant woman beat up! hahaha :)

    At 10:40 a.m., August 20, 2009, Blogger Zeenat said...

    Well now its two against one, Tazzy! Jack is all crap. All he can do is cry, cry and cry! What's up with that?!


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